Training Videos

Here is a video from an in-chapter training showing you How to log into BNIConnectGlobal and enter referral slips, 1:1s, MOB, CEUs and how to review and edit your entries.  Thank you DeLisa Lee for creating this.  Date added:  7/30/14

Here is a video demonstrating how all the referral and tracking systems work together. Specifically, that is the Mobile App and PALMS tracking components. Date added: 8/24/2021

Here is a video from an in-chapter training about how to do an effective sixty-second presentation that generates results.  Thank you Bob Collier for creating this.  This video also references a handout and here is Page 1 and Page 2.  Also, if you would like to find a particular section, this time tracker provides that reference here. Finally, here is a document that illustrates how to double your results by making a few minor adjustments: here

BNIConnectGlobal YouTube training video site.  LOTS of valuable training here to help you optimize your back-office web resources.

Here are some you will find particularly useful to get started:

  1. Establishing your user account
  2. Updating your member profile
  3. Resetting your password
  4. Navigating your network page
  5. Embedding video in your profile


Here is a video about HOW and WHY to set up your User Profile from a local BNI member.

Ivan Misner has created a valuable series of networking videos: Enjoy!

When are we getting back together, in-person? Here are three videos that describe the options as of March 28th at 4:30 pm. Please watch all three one-after-the-other.

  1. Outlines how we got to BNI Online and the four options to get back in-person
  2. Describes the two 100% solutions with Pros and Cons
  3. Describes the two hybrid models  with Pros and Cons

The Latest From BNI

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