Training Videos

Here is a video from an in-chapter training showing you How to log into BNIConnectGlobal and enter referral slips, 1:1s, MOB, CEUs and how to review and edit your entries.  Thank you DeLisa Lee for creating this.  Date added:  7/30/14

Here is a video from an in-chapter training about how to do an effective sixty-second presentation that generates results.  Thank you Bob Collier for creating this.  This video also references a handout and here is Page 1 and Page 2.  Also, if you would like to find a particular section, this time tracker provides that reference here. Finally, here is a document that illustrates how to double your results by making a few minor adjustments: here

BNIConnectGlobal YouTube training video site.  LOTS of valuable training here to help you optimize your back-office web resources.

Here are some you will find particularly useful to get started:

  1. Establishing your user account
  2. Updating your member profile
  3. Resetting your password
  4. Navigating your network page
  5. Embedding video in your profile


BNI Connect Webinar Schedule



Don't miss these BNI Connect webinars! They will help you integrate BNI Connect into your membership.  Anyone can listen -- 8 Weekly 30 minute sessions on Thursdays beginning Feb 7, 2019 3:30 PM EASTERN, 12:30PM Pacific

Register here: (one link registers for the entire series, only attend the ones you want)

Over the course of 8 weekly thirty minute sessions we are going to cover just about everything you ever wanted to know about BNI Connect.  Really.  Everything.  No stone will be left unturned and no question will remain unanswered.  Join us for just the topics that interest you or become a BNI Connect guru like the support team!

The first 6 sessions will concentrate functionality that should be accessible to ALL members.  The last 2 sessions may require elevated privileges as a member of the leadership team.  Once you register you will have access to attend all of the sessions but only need to come to the ones you want to.

Feb 7 - Step 1: Your Profile - credibility through visibility

Feb 14 - Step 2: BNI Connect Mobile and online tracking of your activity

Feb 21 - Step 3: Tapping in to the local, regional, national, and GLOBAL BNI Network

Feb 28 - Step 4: Visitors!  Using BNI Connect to invite, register, track and follow up with visitors.

Mar 7 - Step 5: For the numbers people out there - Reports! Reports! Reports!

Mar 14 - Step 6: Other Connected Systems - BNI University and BNI Engage

Mar 21 - Leaders: Setting and tracking GOALS for your chapter

Mar 28 - Leaders: Chapter Management Functions - entering PALMS, speakers and visitors

Each session is scheduled to be about 30 minutes of content and then open questions until every last question has been answered.  The webinars will be recorded and the entire series will be uploaded to BNI University once completed.  Remember - the only silly question is the unasked question!

Here is a video about HOW and WHY to set up your User Profile from a local BNI member.

Ivan MIsner has created a valuable series of networking videos: Enjoy!

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