LocalSuccess Videos

Pam Williams says she received a 10-fold return on her investment from BNI on her first lead.

Wray Harrison describes how he increased his business 20-30% with BNI.

Bob Sides describes the power of mentoring within his chapter.

Lenny Fairfield shares that 60% of his business "comes from BNI and I no longer advertise. My sales team is in that room."

Referrals to Mike McConchie account for 50% of his business. He says, "it's growing - it's just great!"

Charlie Neal mentions that 60% of his business comes from his BNI chapter.

Howard Fleming notes "We average 2 significant sales per month from BNI referrals. It has been the best referral club we have ever joined."

Janice Williams says "I wish I had another employee to send to a BNI club. If you're thinking about joining, do it!"

To listen to a local radio interview with many Triangle BNI members including Paul Hobbs, Dr. Sophia Myers, Andy Krichman, and Dennis Sargent click here.

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