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Steps for using the "Find a Chapter" tool, used to gain information on the many BNI chapters in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Fayetteville and surrounding communities. 

The simplest method is to leave all search fields empty and click FIND.  All chapters are listed and you can see the city, day, and time.  Clicking through any one of them brings up details about where, number of members, and so on.  Further clicking will bring you the member profiles.

You can use the "Find a Chapter" tool to narrow your search to specific day, city, time of day, etc.

If you know the chapter city only, pulldown CITY and click FIND.
If you know the chapter day only, pulldown MEETING DAY and click FIND.

You can also combine options.

If you are looking for a morning chapter in a specific city on a specific day, fill those entries in and click FIND.

Thank you for visiting Triangle BNI!

<= PS: If you are interested in new chapters being formed, please visit the CHAPTERS FORMING page on the left-hand sidebar.