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Q: Why does my BNI Name and password not work?
A: BNIConnectGlobal is combined, providing international access. Members can maintain their own data with their own personal account access with features such as:

  • Personal user website with ability to embed video, social media links, corporate logos, etc.
  • Personal statistics and ability to give and receive referrals to any BNI member across the United States.
  • Chapter website with all members listed and contact data provided.
  • Chapter statistics.
  • Chapter location, day, and time with ability to invite and register to visit.
  • And much more.

Q: How do I activate a new account on BNIConnectGlobal?
A: You should have received an email from BNI with a link to activate your new BNIConnectGlobal account. Choose your unique username and fill in all the required fields. If you have not received the link, email Steve Hand and he will send you a new one.
Q: I clicked on the activation link and received an error?
A: This is due to one of the following reasons:
1.The link is only valid for 24 hours and has expired.
2. Your form was incomplete.
3. You used a different email than the one you received the link from. (You can change your email AFTER logging in for the first time.)
4.The new userid you chose is taken or invalid.
If you continue to have activation issues, please contact Steve Hand and the office will work with you to resolve this.
Q: Where do I go once I’m activated?
A: You will automatically be directed to the member login page. In order to go back there again, go to and click on the “Members Only” button in the top right.
Q: Do I have to activate and log in?
A: Yes. When you activate your account, login, AND update your member profile, your information will only then be available globally.
Q: I forgot my password or user id.
A: Click on the “Lost Password? Click Here” link under the Login button on the Members Only Login page. Enter the email you registered with and your Memorable answer. If you forgot the answer, contact Steve Hand to obtain the answer.
Q: How do I set up my profile?
A: Click on “My Account” then choose the various tabs and fill in the appropriate information.
Q: Where can I find help setting up my profile?
A: Check out our On-line Training page for videos on how to do this and much more.
Q: I want to change my email, but is says “Email is already registered”?
A: Only one UNIQUE email is allowed per member. If your company has a communal email and there is another member in BNI using it, you will not be able to. If this is not the case, contact Steve Hand.
Q: My category or other information is wrong and I can’t change it?
A: Categories are limited to a select few. Contact your Secretary Treasurer, who has a list of all the categories to choose from and can remedy the situation for you. Other information may be limited to be changed by Director Access only. Again, contact your S/T.
Q: How do I search for a member?
A: There are THREE ways for a member to search for another member:
1.Regional member search: Click “find a member” at the top of this page. This will search our Triangle BNI region for a member.
2.Global member search: Login and click on the magnifying glass. When you search here, you are search ALL BNI members worldwide who are not already in your contact list. If a member is in your contact list, then choose option 3
3.Login -> Connections -> Manage -> Search Connections

Q: My sponsor is missing.
A: Please inform your Secretary Treasurer of who your sponsor is in order that your information may reflect correctly.
Q: I cannot change my basic information all of a sudden.
A: Please check with your Secretary Treasurer to see if your payments are current. If you are late, you are locked out from making changes. If you are late past 30 days, you are automatically dropped as a member by the system and you must re-apply.

Q: My industry requires licensing information displayed with every website.  How do I do this?

A: Here is a video that explains the process fully.

Q: Why is my Title or Degree not listed?
A: There is a separate field for Title and one for suffix field for your degrees such as Esq., CPA, DOM, III, etc. 
DO NOT include this in the First or Last Name field. It is problematic to the data migration process (and does not really belong there.)

Q: How can I find my CHAPTER’s web site and Chapter’s Photos?

A: Go To . Click on “Find A Chapter” -> and click “Find” -> Click on your chapter -> Click on “Visit Chapter Website” or “View Chapter Gallery”

Q: My Chapter's Gallery is blank or not linked.
A: This is maintained at the chapter level, by the chapter Webmaster.  As these skills roll out this will be developed.  Contact your chapter Leadership Team with ideas.
Q: My Chapter’s Website is ok. How can I make it better?
A: Send and pictures, videos, or ideas on how to improve the chapter website to you Chapter Leadership Team.
Q: How do I find a member in BNI?
A: Go to and click on “Find a Member” -> Enter a first name, last name or other criteria. Be as broad as possible. -> Click “Find” -> If you have too many results, you can narrow them by using the search field.
Q: How do I register for an Event in BNI?
A: Go to and click on “Events” -> Choose a month or narrow the options if you wish -> Click on the event -> Click “Register for Members” (You will be required to log in if you have not done so already -> Find the event and lick on it -> Click Register and fill out any info required. You will receive a confirmation email.   Some classes are available for non-members and their registration is also provided in the same place.

Please NOTE that if you do not see a registration option that may be due to the fact that you have already registered.
Q: Where can I find training or other BNI-related documents?
A: Log in and you will see the Documents’ section -> Click on “More” to see the entire list -> Click on the document to download it.  In addition, BNI members have access (by invitation only with every new leadership term) to Yahoo Groups data storage.