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BNI Core Group : C-DU-41-MM - Tobacco Road Referrals Core Group

C-DU-41-MM - Tobacco Road Referrals Core Group

Meeting Details

Thursday 8:30 AM

Hunter Rowe - Durham
7080 Hwy 751
Ste. 108
Durham, NC 27707

Phone: 919-740-7000

Use the zip code to find this meeting space. It's southwest of the intersection of 751 and 54.

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Core Group Text

-----THIS GROUP MEETS WEEKLY!----- THE FOLLOWING SEATS ARE AVAILABLE: * Residential Cleaner * Security Systems * Merchant Services * Property Manager * Handyman * And many more... THE FOLLOWING SEATS ARE FILLED: * Realtor * Mortgage Broker * Financial Advisor * P&C Agent * Lawn Maintenance * Closing Attorney * Promotional Products * Commercial Photographer * Mold Remediation


Chapter Director ConsultantStephen HandPhone: 919-465-1667Send Message

Chapter Area Director ConsultantRandy BernsteinPhone: (919) 404-7475Send Message

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